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8 reasons for GANTTPLAN

Optimize your planning, improve your transparency

  • The only comprehensive planning tool with 7 objective criteria
  • Graphical control console adjusted to your requirements
  • Intuitively operable
  • Optimization of cost, throughput times, adherence to delivery dates and machine utilization
  • Interfaces to many ERP and MES systems
  • Cloud-ready
  • Planning security & transparency
  • Realistic presettings


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Planning manually or automatically with GANTTPLAN

GANTTPLAN product family & features

The GANTTPLAN product family enables every manufacturing company an efficient and needs-oriented entrance into production planning and optimization.

  • Free definable department view
  • Standard view planned orders
  • Display of single orders
  • Parametrizable color schemes
Free definable department view Standard view planned orders Display of single orders Parametrizable color schemes Unfoldable resources Configurable Tooltip Display of shift models (breaks) Screenshot Leitstand
  • Unfoldable resources
  • Configurable Tooltip
  • Display of shift models (breaks)

Free definable department view

A user-defined view can be created in order to display a specific set of resources. This is especially suitable if the standard view contains several hundred resources. Via the foldable menu next to the standard view the tools for the user-defined views are available.


Standard view planned orders

The standard view displays the operations of all planned manufacturing orders as well as all workplaces, production resources and tools and employees, including those, which are not occupied with manufacturing orders. The single operations are displayed for each resource, which is used for its processing. In addition, the shift breaks as well as maintenances and external processing times are displayed. You can switch from every other view of the control console to the standard view by clicking at the button.


Display of single orders

The order view is similar to the standard view. Only those resources are displayed, which are actually utilized for the selected manufacturing orders. In order to visualize the utilization of resources, operations of other planned manufacturing orders are displayed as well, but without the coloured background. The order view can be opened via the respective button. Alternatively, the order view can be displayed when right-clicking at the order view. The order view can be adjusted individually. Manufacturing orders can be added via the baseboard or via display context menu in the control console. Analogous to the resource view a manufacturing order can be filed via drag & drop in the control console view. Apart from that it is possible to add or remove manufacturing orders via the context menu in the control console view.


Parametrizable color schemes

Apart from the standard colours , different predefined colour schemes are available for the control console. For instance, operations/orders with the same criteria can get the same bar colour, so that common properties are visible at a glance.


Unfoldable resources

The resource view displays for one or more scheduled resources (work centers, production resources and tools, employees) all manufacturing orders which are currently utilizing these resources. Only the manufacturing orders of the selected resources are displayed. If you are not in the resource view, you can open it by clicking on the button. The desired resources can be added to the resource view.


Configurable Tooltip

In the control console detailed process information can be viewed. For this, you need to hold the cursor at the bar of the respective operation. Thereafter, an information window with all necessary data for this proces, like e. g. order number, article name, quantity to be manufactured, delivery date, fixed resources, is displayed. The tooltip can display all above mentioned information, if available. There are seperate tooltips for resources, demands and supplier orders.


Display of shift models (breaks)

In the control console detailed process information can be viewed. For this, you need to hold the cursor at the bar of the respective operation. Thereafter, an information window with all necessary data for this proces, like e. g. order number, article name, quantity to be manufactured, delivery date, fixed resources, is displayed. The tooltip can display all above mentioned information, if available. There are seperate tooltips for resources, demands and supplier orders.

Product familiy

    GANTTPLAN OE (Optimization Edition) is interesting for big manufacturing companies with complex production structures and large order networks. Here, the big amount of orders and/or a large number of restrictions to be considered often lead to suboptimal planning results when planning manually. Besides, with a manual planning there is only a limited possibility to react quickly and optimally to disturbances in daily production. GANTTPLAN OE accelerates and facilitates the scheduling significantly. Based on a quick, optimization-based planning heuristics an optimized production plan across all manufacturing orders and levels is calculated considering all defined capacities and production restrictions and using primary and secondary relations, if required. Influences like disturbances are noted and automatically taken into consideration for the next planning run. Consequences for the new production plan are transparently traceable via integrated color schemes in the production control console and reports.
    GANTTPLAN SE (Smart Edition) is especially suitable for a cost-effective entry into detailed production planning. In combination with ERP, MES, or BDE, manufacturing companies can import their pre-planned production orders. The scheduling in the graphical control console is done manually, taking into consideration all limited capacities and defined restrictions. As a result, a feasible planning result develops. This can be a stand-alone solution or it can be extended to GANTTPLAN OE.
    GANTTPLAN VE (Viewer Edition) can be operated in connection with leading systems (ERP, MES, BDE). The module enables the import and visualization of planned orders in the control console. Planning functionalities are not included.
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Planning orders with GANTTPLAN: fast & efficiently

Working with GANTTPLAN means:

  • Determining exact delivery dates and meeting the deadlines

    With the deployment of GANTTPLAN you ensure that you are always able to name realistic and reliable delivery dates. The APS offers unlimited transparency with regards to your manufacturing orders and optimizes your production times by sequencing. Already during the planning of orders the earliest possible delivery date is fixed.
  • Goodbye Excel! Planning at the touch of a button

    Forget about the laborious creation of planning tables in Excel, the permanent and manual entering of data as well as the corresponding high risk of errors. GANTTPLAN APS schedules your entire production at the touch of a button, considers data in real time, calculates different optimized scenarios, which are adapted to your goal criteria. GANTTPLAN enables the increase of your product variety without problems.
  • Optimized manufacturing with multi resource planning

    Manufacturing orders are sequenced on the respective machines in a way that retoolings are omitted. In order to guarantee a multicriteria optimization, further relevant target values, as e.g. an increasing adherence to delivery dates or the minimization of capital commitment costs, are taken into consideration during the order planning.
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Rush orders? No problem with GANTTPLAN!
Due to its enormous flexibility GANTTPLAN can be deployed cross-sectorally.

These sectors already work successfully with GANTTPLAN:

  • Nagel Group

    The Nagel Group is a familiy-owned company with East Westphalian roots and one of the leading suppliers for food logistics in Europe as well as the number 1 supplier in Germany. With a dense network of locations and partners and the short term planning tool GANTTPLAN the food logistics specialist delivers fresh, quickly and on-time.
  • Dikon Elektronik

    The company is an EMS service provider as well as a provider of IT solutions. The focus lies on circuit board assembly, apparatus engineering and cable packaging. GANTTPLAN is deployed next to Sage.
  • Frauenthal Automotive

    The Frauenthal Automotive Group is the European leader for chassis and air tank system components for the commercial vehicle industry and it is supplying all the leading commercial vehicle manufacturers in Europe. At the site in Elterlein, about 200 employees are manufacturing air tanks primary from steel, but also from aluminium. The company uses GANTTPLAN for many years to control the production and it produces 350 end products on 7 production lines.
  • Galfa GmbH

    Galfa GmbH is a high-performance coater for functional surfaces in the fields cathodic corrision protection and thread locks. Our range of services comprises high-value coatings of small, mass and frame parts with a focus on connection elements, stamp and construction parts
  • Starlim//Sterner

    Starlim//Sterner is specialized in tool manufacturing and injection moulding production of small parts from silicone in one- and multicomponent technology. The clear focus lies on mass production. The company produces 14 billions of silicone parts per year. Starlim//Sterner is planning 300 injection moulding machines and 6000 tools with GANTTPLAN as an add-on to the ERP system Applus
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"What GANTTPLAN promises has come true" - Achim Lübbering, Johannes Lübbering GmbH

This is what our cutomers say:

  • Achim Lübbering CEO
    Johannes Lübbering GmbH

    » With GANTTPLAN our delivery reliability has improved significantly within a short period of time. Our Throughput times have actually halved. The manufacturing and order situation is now transparent and traceable. We can rely on the planning results to 100 % and we would like to integrate further departments as well as the personnel planning into GANTTPLAN. «

  • Piotr Majchrzak Production manager
    Galfa GmbH

    » With GANTTPLAN the attractivity of the workplaces and the employee satisfaction in the planning field have increased significantly. «

  • Markus Raab Assistant Production Manager
    Starlim Spritzguss GmbH

    » Today, the planning of our 6000 tools on the 300 injection moulding machines is done automatically with GANTTPLAN. Therefore, planning errors don’t occur anymore and the time savings during the production planning and control are significant. «

  • Norman Knauer CIO
    Kurt Zecher GmbH

    » Questions, that occurred during the embedding of the planning results into the organization, have been dealt with purpose-fully and solved through conclusive concepts. The interaction of immediate help, consulting, development and quality assurance enables quick and uncomplicated solutions. «

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Would you like to have a presentation appointment on site? Please call us! +49351477910
Visit us: dualis-it.de

DUALIS: Your partner for the digital transformation

DUALIS can look back at over 25 years of experience in the domain of detailed planning & optimization and has implemented hundreds of projects successfully. The mathematical algorithms, that have been tested for many years, as well as the individual consulting & adjustment of the planning tool to customer needs are our main qualities. We dispose of a huge partner network in the field of ERP and MES.

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Start your manufacturing with GANTTPLAN!

A better manufacturing requires a better planning!

Don’t waste your time by a laborious planning with Excel.


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